The woman in the nearly half hour videosits with former

Lim Ji hyun, 26, whodefected from North Korea in 2014, fled to South Korea and eventually appeared in several TV shows there, gaining a following in the country. On South Korean television, she sometimes told audiences about life under North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and once visited a talk show in a North Korean military uniform, laughing with hosts about her experiences.But on Sunday, a woman resembling Lim and identifying herself as Jeon Hye sung (the name Lim used when she was in North Korea) appeared in a propaganda video posted on the North Korean state run website Uriminzokkiri.The woman in the nearly half hour videosits with former defector Kim Man bok and an interviewer to discuss life in South Korea, which she describes as „hell.“ She also says she was forced to slander Pyongyang during her time there.She adds that she was lured to South Korea by the „fantasy“ that she „could eat well and make a lot of money,“ but became lonely and missed her family. She also criticizes South Korea’s capitalist society and speaks of her struggle to find work there.

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